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This fellowship is designed to achieve all major elements of CBC's mission statement:

"To equip each generation to Celebrate the King, Become Like Christ, and Connect the Lost"

  • Praise and worship time (Celebrate the King)
  • Family devotional/Bible study time (Become Like Christ)
  • General fellowship, discussion and sharing (Connect with friends, family, and new seekers)

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We will also have occasional service projects to enhance our connection with the church and with our community. Our devotionals and Bible studies are carefully chosen such that entire families - from older elementary school age children (~4th grade) to adults - can participate together; babysitting is provided for children of younger ages.

One of CBC's vision statements is for members to go minister to where the people are; although primarily targeted for families that live in the Sugar Land area, this fellowship is open to any and all who have a desire to participate, regardless of where they reside. Our goal is to provide an environment where families can find encouragement, support and fellowship with believers and seekers, and where families can ultimately develop and grow deeper in their faith and walk in Christ.

If you desire additional information, or would like to visit/join this fellowship, please contact the CBC office, and they will put you in contact with the fellowship leaders accordingly.


Sugar Land/Pearland Fellowship Schedule

Saturday, January 13 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm TBA

If you are interested in joining this fellowship, please contact Alice Fan, Linda Moy or Gary Sham for location and other details.