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Several of the below forms are saved in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. To view them, Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 (or greater) must be installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download the FREE plug-in.

All completed forms may be turned in or submitted via email to Church Office Coordinator Neil Scholwinski.


  • Event/Room Reservations (.pdf) or Event/Room Reservations (.doc), should be turned in to Neil as soon as the event date is known. The Event/Room Reservation form MUST be filled out in order to reserve the event. Forms are also available in the Sunday School Workroom (green form). The form must be submitted to the church office no less than one week prior to your event. (updated on 07/22/12)

  • Wedding Information Sheet (Rev. 03/2016)

  • Reimbursement Request Form (.pdf), rev. 10/15/17. Fill out this form to request reimbursements and payments. (updated 12/8/17)

  • Maintenance Issues Needing Attention We Need Your Eyes! If you notice a maintenance issue that you think needs attention, please fill out a Work Requisition form (brown copy) that is available in the Sunday School Cabinet under Work Requests mail slot. Once completed, place the form in the Office Correspondence mail slot. (added 01/30/16)


  • Weekly Bulletin Announcements Deadline to Church Office Coordinator Neil Scholwinski: Please coordinate your information by Tuesday noon prior to the bulletin date. If an observed holiday falls during the week, the bulletin deadline of Tuesdays at noon, prior to the Sunday bulletin date, will not change. (updated 07/22/12)

  • CBC Wedding Guidelines (Rev. March, 2016)
    It is the desire of the pastors and staff of Chinese Baptist Church to make every wedding a special, sacred and memorable event and to extend to each wedding party every possible consideration, courtesy and benefit. In order to establish a uniform and regular practice with regard to weddings at Chinese Baptist Church, and make available to all interested parties, we have prepared this material for your information. Additionally, please complete and submit the Wedding Information Sheet to Church Office Coordinator Neil Scholwinski.

  • CBC Bylaws (updated 08/18/14) *Note: The Bylaws will take precedence in the event that any content in any other source/document (including the COM) is in disagreement/conflict. [Password Protected - Members Only]  Contact the church office at (713) 461-0963 to obtain the latest password.

  • Church Operating Manual (updated 04/16/12) [Password Protected - Members Only]   Contact the church office at (713) 461-0963 to obtain the latest password.


  • Next Gen Training and Child Abuse Prevention Online Training There are 2 parts to our training:
    • Next Gen Training, which covers how to minister to our children and youth. It will cover the policies and procedures of CBC.
    • Child Abuse Prevention and Background Check. We see this as extremely important for the safety of our children and youth as well as our community.


  • CBC is offering text updates If you wish to receive CBC text updates, text "cbctexting" to 84576.

  • Trinity Classical School Security Check - Trinity Classical School (TCS) is sharing part of CBC facilities. They will be present on the premises each Monday and Wednesday from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, plus several Fridays each semester, using primarily the 2nd floor of the Education Building and the FLC. Anyone needing to access any of that space when TCS is on campus will need to undergo a quick 30 second background check with your driver's license.

  • Facilities Clean-up & Maintenance - The church facilities have been cleaned up and prepared for sharing the facilities with Trinity Classical School (TCS). You have a responsibility to keep the facilities neat and attractive for the next group. Thank you for being good stewards of the facilities the Lord has blessed us with.
    • Any tables and chairs borrowed from another room must be returned and positioned as before

    • Chairs should be pushed against the tables, and extra chairs folded and stacked in one place

    • Clean up tables and remove food

    • Put all paper/plasticware and books out of sight

    • Erase whiteboards

    • Turn off lights

  • Please note meals in the Education Building can only be taken to Classrooms 159 and 163.

  • Wireless Internet Access - CBC has wireless Internet access available when using an electronic device (e.g. computer, cell phone, etc.) with wireless capabilities. To connect, look for a SSID (or wireless network name) that begins with "CBC". Select the SSID that has the strongest signal and enter the password. To obtain the latest password, please contact the church office at (713) 461-0963. If you have any questions regarding the wireless network, please contact the Computer Committee.

  • The recycling bin located next to the Missions House has been permanently removed. All things considered, it has outlived its usefulness. Therefore, we will no longer be collecting recyclable waste at CBC. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    900 Brogden Rd., Houston, Texas 77024


    (713) 461-0963 / FAX: (713) 461-5186