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Geraldine Lee

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Passion for training children has led Geraldine to 30+ years of service in youth/children's ministries through various platforms, including Sunday schools, children's choirs, vocational Bible schools, after-school programs, children's worship and youth camps. Geraldine's professions brought her through a journey of first teaching in New York City's public schools, to homeschooling her 3 children, then teaching at an online Christian school and finally culminating in a position as a Children's Ministry Director in order to develop the next generation of young disciples.

As an MK and PK, Geraldine has traveled with her parents along with the entire family to 20 some countries across Asia, North/South America and Europe in her teens and young adult years. The experiences accrued from leading meetings in local churches, tent and street meetings, concert hall and prisons, schools and factories, even refugee camps have enriched her life and broaden her view on missions and church ministries.

Geraldine is married to Tom and they raised three children together. If asked, Geraldine would say her most challenging and rewarding experience was homeschooling her children and the abundant opportunities it afforded her to serve together as a family. Her youngest

child is now a freshman in college and each child has grown and are finding their own niche in serving God's family.

Moving forward, Geraldine recognizes the need to stay relevant in a fast-changing world with its diverse needs, while embracing the unchanging Truth in His Word - and ultimately realizing those elements in the context of a vibrant Children's Ministry which unites families in the pursuit of making disciples out of children.