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Welcome To Chinese Baptist Church

You are important to us, so please let us know if there is any way we can assist you.

Our church began in 1953, evolving out of a mission to Chinese immigrants by First Baptist Church. After its inception, our church experienced great growth and in 1975, the church moved from its original downtown location to our present location here in the near west area of Houston.

Four congregations have formed out of the original one. In 1979, separate English and Cantonese-speaking services were established to meet the generational and cultural needs of each congregation. A separate Mandarin worship began in early 2013 and a Russian worship service began in early 2018. Although these four congregations are separate, we are still united as one church and share the same burden to minister to those God places around us.

Our Core Beliefs

The Bible is the core of our teaching and preaching. It is one way in which God has revealed Himself to us. It speaks as powerfully today as it has for centuries, providing hope and practical guidance for our daily living.

Our ministries are numerous and diverse. As you feel comfortable, we invite you to check out some of our programs and see what God is doing in our church.

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  • tab-connectflat (3K) CONNECT WITH GOD

    Come join us as we connect with God through our worship services and special events. We want to share our joy in praising God and celebrating our King with you. Come fellowship with us --- or just come to have a good time.

  • tab-growflat (3K) GROW TOGETHER

    Grow together closer to God and become more like Christ through studying and unlocking the mysteries of God's Word. Sunday School, Bible Studies, Fellowships, Lifecyle Ministries and Cell Groups are some of the opportunities for discussions, learning, discipleship and spiritual growth. Also, grow friendships with other believers who will guide you in your growth process.

  • tab-serveflat (4K) SERVE THE WORLD

    The natural outcome of growth is the desire to share the love we receive from God. We are commanded to "connect the lost". We serve the world in our involvement with missions, volunteering and other areas of service.