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Kiev Women's Conference Report

When I first considered the idea of organizing a women's conference in Kiev, Ukraine, I thought it might be a nice idea. Maybe 25-30 ladies would attend. As things progressed, the numbers grew along with the excitement from those in both America and in Ukraine.

I realized early on that this was beyond what I personally was able to do. Not only would I face the challenges of organizing and speaking at a multi-church conference, but one that was both in a different culture and country. It's amazing how things can get lost in translation. I knew it would take the hand and working of God. So prayers started. I can't tell you how many shared that they were praying for me. This gave me the confidence that God could do what I could not; that he had something in mind and I was just part of the big picture.

So, not surprisingly, God blessed above and beyond anything that I could ever have asked for or even imagined. The musical worship, testimonies and sweet fellowship were totally God-inspired. Approximately 140 women attended from 8 different churches and 8 different cities. (Some traveled from as far away as 450 miles). At least 20 attendees were not Christian.

There have been many testimonies of women impacted by this all day event. Plans are already being set for a conference next year.

Praise God for his mighty working power.

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