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This ministry focuses on the needs of families with children. Some of the issues that this group addresses are balancing family life, child development (intellectual, spiritual, social, and emotional), spiritual training and maintaining a strong marriage amidst the many family responsibilities. Through the study of God's Word and the encouragement of those involved, the ministry seeks to build strong families that will establish a heritage that will extend for many generations. Family matters such as dealing with stress, child rearing, spiritual training and building strong marriages are dealt with in terms of God's perspective.

Sunday School

The Family Matters class meets at 11:15 am on Sunday morning. Capable teachers, who are themselves parents, lead the class in discussion and sharing. Some of the topics in the past were: Proverbs-Wisdom for the Family, Heritage Builders-Money Matters, Heritage Builders-Family Values, Refreshing Your Marriage, Grade School Issues-A Teachers' Perspective and Survivor-Dealing with the Teen Years.

Bible Study

Due to the variety of different needs and time limitation, small groups (home fellowship groups) have been developed based on individual needs. Please visit the fellowship page if you would like to be part of a small group Bible Study.


Fellowship activities and service projects are planned throughout the year. A monthly large group activity is held to promote fellowship among our members as well as with other groups. Regular meetings are planned with the Married's class. In the past, fellowship activities have included crawfish boil, gym night, crabbing/beach outing, picnics, a fish fry and a parent's night out. Service projects included landscaping at Boys and Girls Country and re-striping the church parking lot.

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