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Below you'll find a list of our various ministries that we do in CBC Youth. We firmly believe that all of these structures are beneficial for the Christian and for the seeker, and we encourage all our youth to be dedicated and committed to their spiritual health through participation in these ministries. We also believe our ministry here at CBC goes beyond our weekly structures! Day-to-day discipleship and gospel-centered living are also key components to what we're pursuing with our youth!

  • After morning service, join us from 11:15 am - 12:20 pm in the Chapel for Youth Praise or Community Groups!

  • Youth Praise
    On the first Sunday of each month, Youth Praise is a time for our youth to gather together for joint worship, fellowship and sound biblical teaching. It's a chance for all our youth to interact and care for one another, as well as be directed, led and taught by church leadership.
    Download Youth Praise Notes Form.

  • Community Groups
    Community Groups (CGs) are intentional, purposeful and smaller groups of youth that meet together regularly to share life, encouragement and biblical truth. These groups are comprised of adult leaders, college sponsors and youth from 6th - 12th grade, both guys and girls. Community Groups are open to everyone: Christians, non-Christians, skeptics and everyone in the middle!

    Read more about our philosophy on Community Groups below:

  • You can expect to be cared for and loved on by your CG and its leaders. We want to create a space where two things happen:

    • You can be open and honest about who you are and what you are going through. Come as you are and meet people where they are.

    • You can encourage and love on others. Not only do we want your to be cared for but for you to also care for others.

    After a lot of praying and reading, we've decided to take this route and try to do this community group thing. We actually did a lot of analyzing about where our youth have been and what were the results and we noticed that there were two major holes in our youth program:

    • Our current youth model wasn't the most effective on Sunday mornings. We've noticed students come in and out of our doors without anyone really knowing and following up on them. Our current Sunday School program was geared towards our members who were Christian and it provided theology in a lecture model. Don't get us wrong, it was awesome...but we were missing a lot of students where they were at.

    • We saw many of our students needed to be cared for and loved on. Unless students took the extra initiative, many of them didn't have people who invested in their lives and our leadership personnel didn't have enough help to cover all our youth.

    Our hope is that every student that is a part of our youth group is covered by both our adult leaders and youth members. We want to make it impossible for youth to merely be attendees and just be anonymous. We pray that there becomes this multi-generational discipleship that occurs and we have youth mentoring youth and adults working together with students from all grades. We pray that our students are honest with their struggles, bold in their faith and passionate in their pursuit of Jesus.

  • Conclave
    Conclave is a Bible study open to anyone who is interested. We explore various topics such as eschatology, church history and book studies. Conclave meets in the Conference Room from 6:00 - 7:00 pm.

    ACCESS is a fellowship that provides a casual space to allow students to experience God-centered fellowship, community and worship and to have a space where they can open up about their lives, thoughts and experiences. ACCESS meets in the Chapel from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.

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Small groups are groups of believers who come together in community to be open with one another, fellowship with one another, study the word and live life together. Small groups are a place for deeper relationships to be made as youth are able to share and talk about life with peers who share the same struggles. Small groups provide gospel-centered accountability and friendship. They also act as a time to grow spiritually, giving time to study the word with other believers or to spend time in prayer. Small groups can act as additional growth outside of the typical Sunday worship activities. The goal of small groups is to grow spiritually with truth and faith at its foundation.

If you're interested in learning more about small groups, check out the links below: