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If you would like for the Prayer Ministry and/or the Ministerial Staff to pray for your needs, please indicate your requests by filling out the Prayer Request Form in the bulletin, tear it out, and kindly drop it in the offering plate. Be assured that someone from the Prayer Ministry will pray for your needs. Lastly, if you have an unsaved loved one that you would like us to pray for, please write their name on the Prayer Request Form on the bulletin.

Please come for Prayer and Worship Service in the Sanctuary. For information on this and the other locations during the month, please click here.

Prayer Requests for April 18 - 24, 2018

Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (Matthew 28:18-20)

  1. Thank God for protecting the lives of everyone at CBC.
  2. Pray for those most affected by the storm and for God's protection and provision for them. (If you were impacted by the storm and need assistance, please inform the church by going to the church's website at and go to the link for Harvey and fill out the form.
  3. Pray for CBC members to rise up and continue to rise up to assist those in need. (If you would like to assist those in need, please sign up on the church's website at and go to the link for Harvey.)
  1. Sunday, April 22: Pastor Justin Wong preach in the English Worship Service; Brother Danny Lee will preach in the Mandarin and Pastor Paul See will preach in the Cantonese Worship Service.
  2. Pray for the Church leaders for wisdom and direction.
  3. Pray that God will grant CBC a united vision. ("Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained." Proverbs 29:18a)
  4. Prayer Ministry - Pray that God will help CBC to be a house of prayer as Pastor Dan continues to lead the Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting on the first Wednesday of each month. Pray for William Gaw as he coordinates the third Wednesday of the month local geographical prayer meetings which will be meeting in 5 locations: 1) CBC-led by Mae Jean Chan, Mimi Chew, and David Lee; 2) Bellaire-hosted by Esther Quan and led by Viola Chan and Becky Ho; 3) Katy-led by Raphael and Betty Lam; 4) Pearland-led by Ronald Gee and William Gaw; and 5) Sugar Land-led by Pastor Kai Yuen Choi. Please pray for groups to begin in northwest and west Houston.
  5. Pray that God will help CBC to be a house of prayer as Pastor Dan continues to lead the Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.
  6. Pray for God to lead and guide the formation of cell groups to be used by God to be good sources of outreach and for God to raise up more host homes. Pray for the current cell group: Gary & Anna Lee and Arlene Ligh in Bellaire.
  7. ESL: 1) Medical English -Pray for more doctors studying here from China to come to CBC to learn English from 1:30-3:00pm in the Coffee Bar area each Sunday. Pray for Dr. Lawrence Fan and Dr. Gene Yee as they lead this ministry. 2) Conversational -Pray for God to lead this ministry which began on April 23. Pray for God to help Tome' Halsell as he leads this ministry.
  8. Pray that CBC will be active in sharing our faith (Philemon 6).
  9. Pray for God's supernatural protection for CBC (Psalms 91).
  10. Thank God for bringing the following interns to serve at CBC and pray for their service that God will use them in a mighty way at CBC: 1) Joo Chan-Children's Ministry Intern; 2) Jeremy Cheng-Worship Intern; 3) Elaine Dao-Youth Ministry Intern; 4) Anton Hauglie-Youth Ministry Intern; 5) Danny Lee-Intern; 6) Robert Liu-Youth Ministry Intern.
  11. Pray for good outreach for Chinese School.
  12. Pray for a fruitful ministry partnership between Trinity Classical School and CBC.
  13. Pray for Open Play Sports Ministry for good outreach:
    1. Volleyball meets every Thursday from 7-10pm led by Erin Joe and Elaine Dao.
    2. Soccer meets every second and fourth Wednesday from 8-10pm led by Davi Gomes.
    3. Ping Pong/Badminton meets every Monday from 7-10pm led by Henry Chan and Ricky So.
    4. Tai Chi meets every Saturday morning from 8-9am led by Ronald Gee and Viola Chan.
    5. Basketball meets every Tuesday from 6:30-9:30pm led by Rob Eng.
    6. Pray for a permanent time to meet for Basketball for Chinese Speaking led by Brian Woo.
  14. Pray for all of our students for a good and safe school year as they stand strong as a loving witness for Jesus at school.
  15. Pray for God to raise up more people to go on the China Short Term Mission Trip next year in the summer. Pray for Pastor Kai Yuen Choi as he coordinates this trip. Pray also for Pastor Choi as he leads a group to Israel in October.
  16. Pray for God to give Pastor Oleg Xu wisdom to shepherd the young adults of CBC.
  17. Pray for the Russian service on Sunday afternoons at 2pm in the Sanctuary, and for the Portuguese Fellowship on the second and fourth Saturdays late afternoons at 5:30pm in the Mission House.
  18. Pray for wisdom for our pastoral staff as they move forward with the Russian Ministry with the Lord's guidance.
  19. Pray for the Baby Dedication Service on Sunday, May 6.
  20. Pray for the Combined English Sunday School class on May 6 led by Ryan Ho on learning about our personality types and spiritual growth.
  21. Pray for the Combined Chinese Speaking Picnic on Saturday, May 12, at Sugar Land Memorial Park for good fellowship.
  22. Pray for Barb Ho as she helps to lead a women's conference in Ukraine. Pray for her and Pastor Dan for fruitful ministry and for travel mercies.
  23. Pray for unity of the church based on Ephesians 4:3 as America prepares for the National Day of Prayer on May 3 and CBC will observe this special day on Wednesday, May 2, at the monthly churchwide prayer meeting. For more info, please go to National Day of Prayer Task Force.
    1. Pray for the youth group to know God and each other better, and to grow in the Lord, especially in the Sunday Community Groups (CG's).
    2. Pray for Conclave, the weekly youth Bible Study every Friday at 6pm, and for ACCESS, the weekly youth fellowship at 7:30pm.
    3. Thank God for a very good Costa Rica Missions Trip in which many people indicated that they wanted to receive Christ. Pray for the follow-up of these people with the local evangelical churches.
    1. Pray for understanding and urgency regarding the salvation & spiritual health of the next generations.
    2. Pray for parents (who have parental rights and legal authority over their kids) to prioritize their kids' faith development amidst their busy schedule.
    3. Pray for parents (Deuteronomy 6) & grandparents (Psalms 71:18) to invest in kids' spiritual formation. No one knows and loves your kids more than you. No one spends more time with your kids than their parents/grandparents. You are the most influential people in ministering to your kids/grandkids.
    4. Get engaged with kids' church activities in various platforms. The most pressing needs at KM are:
      1. More helping hands in admin areas. (Praise the Lord: a few parents and grandparents formed a team to lead Early Childhood Praise in January 2018.)
      2. Sunday school teachers - Preschool, 1st & 2nd grades. Come observe class time first and then pray through the decision-making.
      3. Program coordinators, class parents, and assistants - Sunday school & Awana clubs (both adults and youth helpers needed).
      4. Prayer - For God to provide KM program coordinators for Special Events and the Faith Formation Program.
    5. Pray for kids workers - For strength/patience, understanding/preparation, equipping, and the skills needed to speak life into the kids.
    6. Pray for the learning & growing process of kids to: know (salvation), love (adoration), and serve (sanctification) Christ.
    7. Pray for summer VBS ministry in July:
      1. Pray for Holy Spirit's guidance, protection, and providence.
      2. Pray for the Planning Team as plans and preparations are being made.
      3. Pray for the recruiting and training process.
      4. Pray for the promotion efforts and registration procedures.
      5. Pray for God to release footsteps for many to participate.
      6. Pray for lives to be transformed - whether through attending or serving.
      7. Pray for unity and positive energy.
  1. J & J - Pray for: 1) For strength from God to trust Him fully in all of their lives, especially for their move to San Antonio on October 2 and for their former home in AZ to sell; 2) God's provision of prayer and financial support to fulfill God's work; and 3) Thank God for the good teaching in E. Asia by Pastor J and his partner in February and March. Pray that the local nationals can apply and carry on the teaching.
  2. A - Pray for God to raise the needed prayer and financial support for her disaster to development group.
  3. Scott and Cenia in Boston, Bill in Brazil, Jonathan and Theo at UH, and Joseph at UT in Austin - Pray for their respective college ministries. Pray for Scott and Cenia as they visit Houston from August 9-13.
  4. D and P - Pray for: 1) D who is teaching at a seminary; 2) Pray for wisdom as they rear A who is 3 years old as of December, 2017. Thank God for traveling mercies back to SE Asia.
  5. Karen and Mitsu and family - Continue to pray for God to accelerate the evangelization of Japan. Pray for the missionaries in Japan to experience good Sabbath rest. Pray for Karen as she meets to pray with other mothers, and pray for every school in Japan to be covered in prayer. Pray for Mitsu and the team as the National Coordinator for Cru to help campus team leaders in 7 cities to focus and cooperate as they make disciples. Pray for Mitsu and the team as the National Coordinator for Cru to help campus team leaders in 7 cities to focus and cooperate as they make disciples.
  6. Pray for Jenny Rice and Gracewood for God's provision of jobs, cars, and for daily needs for the children and their mothers as Gracewood strives with God's help to help keep families together. Pray for this ministry as they continue a capital campaign to expand the campus and services.
  7. Margie Randall (director of Loaves and Fishes, a missionary organization in Katy that reaches out to the Bhutanese refugees) - Pray for her and all the volunteers to let Jesus' light shine through them. Pray for laborers for the harvest is ripe. Pray for God's provision for all the refugees. For info, go to
  8. J and N - Pray for: 1) ) Pray for N's language helper (J) who is battling a spiritual battle, pray for her salvation; 2) Pray for wisdom for J to disciple J (a believer from an unreached people group) who has an intense burden for his people. Pray for J's spiritual and physical protection; 3) Pray for the entire family to overcome lots of health issues since returning back to the field; 4) Pray for the believers and missionaries as they face increased pressure due to the recent political changes and for the kingdom of God to advance; 5) God to resolve their visa issues with smooth handling so that they will only have to be out of the country for one week, beginning on April 23.
  9. Cris - Pray for God to help her raise the resources needed to help the poor children in the Philippines.
  10. Pastor Sergey's sister-in-law's children - Pray for healing from muscular dystrophy for the two sons and from daily seizures for the daughter. Thank God that one of the sons, Nazar, has a respirator with a reserve power pack. Pray for God's provision for them and their family.