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Chinese Music Director

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Chinese Music Director (Part-time)

PRINCIPAL FUNCTION: To develop and promote comprehensive worship ministry in accordance with the vision and goals of the church.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: A born-again believer who has put his/her faith in Christ Jesus as his/her personal Savior and shows evidence of mature faith; must be in full support of CBC's Statement of Faith, have contemporary music skills, have seminary training, a minimum of two years' experience in worship ministries, possess good verbal/ written communication and interpersonal relationship skills, have the ability to lead and direct a lay staff while maintaining strong teamwork atmosphere and be willing to work nonstandard hours on an occasional basis.


  • Worship Service: Plan, coordinate and/or lead worship services in conjunction with the Chinese Pastors during worship services.

  • Worship Ministry:
    • Ensure that the Worship Ministry meet the vision and goals of the church
    • Prepare the worship budget and steward expenses
    • Lead and/or coordinate all worship programs
    • Coordinate choir and performing art ministries and ensemble rehearsals
    • Enlist and provide training to worship support personnel
    • Supervise worship support personnel (e.g. worship team leaders, choir/drama assistants)
    • Supervise the maintenance of all musical instruments, materials and equipment
    • Establish choir/praise teams and recruit members

  • Music Education:
    • Provide music training classes
    • Encourage and motivate miscellaneous worship and conference attendance
    • Provide resources for growth in the area of worship

  • Other duties as requested:
    • Supervise any church-wide events as assigned by the Senior Pastor
    • Evangelize through music programs
    • Plan and organize/lead choir tours
    • Ensure compliance with all copyright laws related to music and drama scripts
    • Assist the Senior Pastor in providing vision, goals and direction for Chinese Baptist Church

Posting will remain open until the position is filled. Please send intent and resume to the Personnel Committee.