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  • Event Date:Sunday, December 24, 2017
  • Location:Children's Center
  • Start Time:11:15 am
  • End Time:12:15 pm
  • Age Level:Elementary Grade
  • Activities:Games, music, cake, and more...


  • Who's ready for a PARTY?
    All children and their parents are invited to a birthday party for Jesus on Sunday, December 24, from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm (see flyer below). You are welcome to invite as many friends and neighbors (grandparents too) as you want. To ensure that we provide enough cake and drink, kindly let your child's teacher know the number of people in your party that are coming (including yourself) by December 17th.

  • What's a birthday party without the gift?
    Please bring a gift to baby Jesus. Yes, you heard right, BABY Jesus. All gifts brought will be for the Houston Pregnancy Help Center (an organization that provides practical and compassionate support to women in unplanned pregnancy situations and who shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ when opportunity arise.) Jesus said that when we give to those who are in need, we give to him. (Matthew 25:40)
    Some suggestions: baby onesies, baby socks, bibs, baby toiletries (travel size), baby wipes.

  • Drive it home!
    Parents: it would make it so much more meaningful to your children if you help your children give from their own "stash" and not get the hand-out from you, the parents. It would teach them compassion for other people, increase their joy and self-esteem through giving.
    Some suggestions:
    • Do extra chores at home to earn money to buy the birthday gift.
    • Give from their red-envelope money or cash gift they received.
    • Request baby items as their Christmas present to give.
Looking forward to a great celebration with you!
Children's Sunday School Elementary Department